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Group Sessions

What are group sessions?
Our group sessions are a mobile service, meaning that we come to you. Sessions involve 6-10 or more people receiving acupuncture in the same room. Patients are either sitting in chairs or lying on the floor on a mat with a pillow. 
Earthsea acupuncture offers two types of group sessions: community acupuncture, and auricular acudetox. Sessions are booked in 1-3 hour blocks, depending on the type of session.
Community acupuncture is acupuncture that involves needles being applied only on the arms, legs and head. These are one-sided treatments, usually on the front side of the body. Community acupuncture is effective in treating many different conditions, and is ideal for those who are limited in their time, and who are looking for a more affordable option to private treatments. These sessions can be booked in 2 or 3 hour blocks. Please see our fees page for guidance.
Acudetox, also called NADA, is ear acupuncture. This involves several needles placed in each ear. Ear acupuncture is useful for treating many conditions, and is ideal for simple treatments geared towards managing addiction, stress and anxiety. These sessions can be booked in 1, 2 or 3 hour blocks. Please see our fees page for guidance.
Who are group sessions for?
Group sessions are ideal for any group of people, be it your office and coworkers (ie: during lunch hour or afternoon break), community centre looking to create regular drop-in acupuncture for clients and staff (ie: weekly), or a group of friends looking to collaborate in their self-care.
Where do group sessions take place?
Group sessions take place in any space that has chairs (or pillows and mats), lighting, and relatively low noise. This can be your office's conference room, a medium-sized private office, living room, etc. 
What do you need to arrange a group session?
To arrange a group session, you need:
  • a minimum of 5 people
  • a room with chairs or pillows and mats, and lighting
  • a deposit of $30-$50 depending on length of session
How does payment work?
When booking, we ask for a deposit of $30-$50 to hold your block of time. Then on the day of the session, people pay for their own treatments, according to our sliding scale. See our FEES page for details. If you are looking to book a regular time (ie: a weekly/bi-weekly visit to your office or centre) the circumstances of the deposit may change, so please call us to chat about it!
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