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What We Do

What We Do


Whether you're dealing with chronic health concerns like pain, sleep issues, anxiety or depression, recovering from an injury, or looking for help managing addiction or stress, we are here to offer you acupuncture that is rooted deeply in the traditions of Chinese Medicine, and mindful of where you are at now.

We provide private treatments as well as group sessions.

Private treatments are done at the clinic. Group sessions are provided as a mobile service, meaning that we come to you! These can be done in a community style or purely as acudetox, both of which are done in a space provided by you. Group service is specifically for organizations, and need only a room and some chairs or pillows to be successful!

What We Care About

What We Care About


Earthsea acupuncture is focused on building and contributing to community by providing acupuncture and Chinese Medicine healing that is safe, accessible, and affordable. We are committed to a queer and trans positive, anti-oppressive framework, and are passionate about a trauma-informed approach to healing. We want to accommodate you, and are always open to talking about where you are at!

Who Are We?

Who Are We?
Adrienne Mak, R. Ac

I endeavour to create a safe space, where, with my support, you can navigate your own healing, and engage with your body's own healing wisdom to access the possibilities of balance that are within all of us. I am happy to talk to you about where you are at, where you are coming from, and how and where you want your health and wellness to progress. I am also happy for you to share what you feel comfortable sharing. Using the techniques, principles and treatment methods of Chinese Medicine, I will accompany you as your road to health opens up.


I have experience treating folks dealing with:

-stress, anxiety, grief

- managing addiction

- managing chronic pain

- acute injury and pain

- issues with sleep and dreaming

- digestive issues, effects of antibiotic use

- depression, mania

- menstrual pain and irregularity

- pregnancy related issues

- HIV related neuropathy


I have experience treating in a variety of settings, including hospitals, homeless shelters, community centres, and clinics. I can treat you in english or mandarin.


My training & education includes:

  • Diploma of Acupuncture - Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences (2013, Nelson, BC)

  • Wang Jing Learning Hospital Practicum (2012, Beijing, China)

  • NADA ADS Didactic training (30 hrs classroom instruction) (2011, Denman Island, BC)

  • BFA Photography - Concordia University (2009, Montreal QC)

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